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Lashed to Death is a home based Eyelash Extension Salon in Elderslie, NSW. Offering high end Eyelash Extensions only using the best products for my clients. Couture Silk Eyelash extensions from Sugarlash Pro which are an amazing soft lash, they are the blackest black with no hint of blue, a natural velvet-sheen finish, the taper is only towards the end of the lash to ensure the body is lovely and full and they are also double heated while being made which creates an amazing curl consistency and retention. Our high grade eyelash extension adhesives are from Bellalash, the Bellalash adhesives are perfect to work in our humidity levels which is something that can drastically effect the retention of your lash extensions. The particular adhesive I choose to use is low fume which helps prevent any possible irritation that can sometimes occur with other adhesives with higher fume levels. As well as Lash Box LA, Lash Box LA specialise in amazing volume eyelash extension products. There glues are specifically formulated to help keep volume eyelash extension fans open and fluffy. They blend seamlessly with the colour of the lashes, dry rapidly and have outstanding retention, enduring all kinds of environments and work well in a huge range of humidity levels.

Please note, if you are new to the studio you MUST have a patch test done at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. These are usually carried out during our 15 minute consultation appointments.

It all started when...

I was 15 years old and glued on my first pair of strip lashes. I was hooked. Two years later I was getting eyelash extensions done on a regular basis. Nearly a decade later and I am now a qualified Eyelash Extension Technician, Make up Artist and am currently undertaking Master Lash Artist and Russian Volume Training.





flare set

Around 30-50 Silk lashes are attached to the outer corners of each eye to create a fine sweeping look. 


Half classic set

Attaching 50-85 silk lashes to each eye to create a natural elegant look




full classic set

85-100+ silk lashes are attached to each eye creating a full and natural look


hybrid set

A variation of 85-100+ silk volume fans and classic lashes will be attached to each eye creating length and texture for a glamorous look.




volume set

85-100+ volume fans are hand made and attached to each eye for extreme volume and a bombshell look.


classic 3 week infills

If infills are left longer than 4 weeks the charge will be for a complete new set.




hybrid 3 week infills

If infills are left longer than 4 weeks the charge will be for a complete new set


volume 3 week infills

If infills are left for longer than 4 weeks the charge will be for a complete new set.




lash extension removal

Removal of all remaining lash extensions with a gentle cream remover causing no damage to natural lashes.




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Our studio

13 Kowald Street
Elderslie, NSW, 2570

Based in between Campbelltown and Camden. Short trip down Narellan Road and Camden Bypass if you are coming from Macarthur Square direction or a stint down Camden Valley Way if you are coming from the direction of Leppington or Camden.

There is also plenty of on street parking.


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If you have any questions of enquiries please feel free to contact us  on 0448920135 or use this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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